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Curriculum Media management e organizzazione di eventi

Processi creativi per i prodotti mediali o Audiovisual media policies 6 CFU

Iconografia e narratologia del cinema e dell’audiovisivo o Storia cultura e civilt dell’Europa 6 CFU

Seminario di Strategie di posizionamento e consumo dei prodotti mediali o Seminario di Teoria dell’immagine o Seminario di Culture dell’audiovisivo 2 CFU

Insegnamenti a scelta () 8 CFU

() Fermo restando il diritto dello studente a scegliere qualunque disciplina (comprese quelle gi previste dal suo percorso di studi) Mondo, per l’arricchimento delle competenze del profilo si suggerisce di indicare a piano studi uno/qualcuno dei seguenti insegnamenti Mondo, purch non gi incluso nel piano studi della laurea triennale: Comunicazione e marketing degli eventi (6 Cfu) Fondamenti di network analysis (6 Cfu) Marketing management (8 Cfu) Storia del teatro e della performance contemporanei (6 Cfu) Riti Mondo, miti e simboli delle organizzazioni (6 Cfu) Sociologia dei fenomeni collettivi (6 Cfu) Storia della critica d’arte (6 Cfu) Un seminario non gi scelto Mondo, fra quelli previsti dal profilo al I anno di corso

Profilo: Organizzazione degli eventi culturali ed espositivi

Comunicazione degli eventi o Dinamiche teatrali nelle relazioni d’impresa 6 CFU

Progettazione e gestione degli eventi o Training through drama and coaching for work 6 CFU

Seminario di Promozione del territorio o Seminario di Rassegne e festival cinematografici o Seminario di Eventi performativi 2 CFU

Insegnamenti a scelta () 8 CFU

() Fermo restando il diritto dello studente a scegliere qualunque disciplina (comprese quelle gi previste dal suo percorso di studi) Mondo, per l’arricchimento delle competenze del profilo si suggerisce di indicare a piano studi uno/qualcuno dei seguenti insegnamenti Mondo, purch non gi incluso nel piano studi della laurea triennale: Comunicazione e marketing degli eventi (6 Cfu) Fondamenti di network analysis (6 Cfu) Iconografia e narratologia del cinema e dell’audiovisivo (6 Cfu) Sociologia dei fenomeni collettivi (6 Cfu) Storia Mondo, cultura e civilt dell’Europa (6 Cfu) Storia del teatro e della performance contemporanei (6 Cfu) Storia della critica d’arte (6 Cfu) o un altro insegnamento non gi scelto, fra quelli previsti dal profilo o altro seminario Mondo, non gi scelto, fra quelli previsti dal profilo e dal corso di laurea


Cubans are ready to welcome the Pope and see him as a catalyst for change

Cuba is ready to welcome the pope. In Havana a yellow and white papal canopy covers the altar in the Plaza de la Revolucion where Benedict XVI, like his predecessor John Paul II, will celebrate mass and preach on March 28.

The papal platform stands at the foot of the massive statue of Jose Marti, the Cuban journalist and poet (1853 1895) who fought against the Spanish occupation. When he looks across the Plaza from the altar Pope Benedict will see right opposite him the bearded face of Fidel Castro on the Ministry of Communications, and the image of Che Guevara on the Ministry of the Interior building, ever present reminders of the revolution that changed this country.

Everyone one I spoke to in Havana expressed happiness that the Pope is coming, “proud” (“orgulloso”) is the word most frequently used. People look to him to bring “hope”, they want his visit to herald the change that this society greatly needs.

Olga, a 38 year old single mother of two, hopes his visit will bring some change. She drives one of the small ubiquitous yellow ‘coco taxis’ a small coconut type vehicle invented by the Cubans as taxis, and works more than 12 hours a day for a pay check of 25 Euros a month Economia. Certainly what she earns is not enough to keep her family, so she does other work too. She plans to go to the mass in the Plaza de la Revolucion but fears that may not be possible as so many others seem to have the same idea in this city of two million people, and the plaza has only space for 600,000 people.

Others like Ilario, a 70 year old former school teacher who speaks fluent English and Russia but who for the past 17 years has run his own small business selling old books in the Plaza des Armas, is convinced that the Pope took “a strategic decision” to come here Economia. He sees it as a decision that will boost “the return of the Catholic Church” to its former position of influence and power in this island of 11 million people, 6.7 million of whom are baptized but only about 5% of them practice their faith regularly.

He hasn’t yet decided whether to go to Plaza for the Mass or to go to the nearby Cathedral when the Pope comes there. “Since all the Communist leadership will be at the Mass, I think I can go too”, he added with a wry smile. But he thinks the situation will not really change much after the Pope’s visit. “The rich will remain rich, the poor will still be poor”, he said. He envisages that change will come slowly in this island where the Communist Party still controls almost everything, but he is convinced it can come and, he says, the Church is well aware of this and hence the visit.

People like Ilario can now legally own small private businesses, once they get the right permits thanks to economic reforms introduced by President Raul Castro at the end of last year. A change in the law regarding private property means that Cubans can now own their own homes too. These small but significant economic changes were introduced to salvage an economy that had deteriorated badly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, leaving many people in dire straits.

Former President Fidel Castro first tried to reform the economy in the early 1990s but pulled back in 1995, and now his brother and President, Raul, is trying to do so gradually in a country where the Armed Forces control an estimated 60% of the various industries and economic ventures Economia. For most ordinary people life is an uphill struggle, even to get the bare necessities of life is an increasing challenge. The Government is getting rid of ration books for basic necessities, but has also laid off many people from unprofitable state run enterprises and so many people are worried how they can manage. “The socialist economy is in a state of controlled demolition” with devastating immediate consequences for many people who suddenly find themselves without a job, a Cuban journalist told me.

Many suffer malnutrition, particularly outside Havana. The once esteemed health care system often lacks basic medicines; education too has suffered from poorly trained teachers. “People are discontent and show their resistance by not working the hours they should; they work less hours in their state jobs and use the other hours to try to compensate for their low pay in other enterprising ways”, the journalist added Economia.

At the same time one can get many things in Cuba on the black market like computers or other electronics, if one has money. But access to the internet and telecommunications is still heavily controlled by the state and a luxury not accessible to the vast majority of people.

As small enterprises, including family owned restaurants, the “paladares”, emerge in Cuba there is a great need for training in business administration and management and here the Catholic Church has taken a very positive initiative by providing education in this important area Economia.

Havana’s archbishop, Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino, contacted the President of the Catholic University in Murcia, Spain, and now courses are being conducted in several appropriate business and management areas under the auspices of the Pontifical University of San Geronimo, in collaboration with its Spanish counterpart.

That too with the blessing of the Vatican and the Pope who will arrive in the eastern part of the island, at Santiago de Cuba, on March 26, where the victory of the Castro led revolution was first declared 53 years ago, but where today the Church is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the finding of the famous 60 cm wooden statue of the “Virgen de la Caridad” di El Cobre Economia. That statute is intimately linked to the identity of all Cubans, not just of the Catholics of this island as the President of the Bishops Conference, Archbishop Dionisio Garcia Ibanez, noted during a press conference on March 24 Economia.

Pope Benedict will be in Havana on March 27 28, where many expect him to have a private meeting with Fidel Castro, the Jesuit trained charismatic leader who dominated the life of Cubans for almost 50 years but who is today in poor health and, reportedly, more religiously inclined and well disposed to Benedict XVI Economia.


Cy Twombly fotografo a Gaeta

Dal 4 luglio al 26 ottobre 2014 si terr al Museo Diocesano di Gaeta la mostra Cy Twombly fotografie di Gaeta Politica. Esposte 30 fotografie eseguite a Gaeta dall americano, che alla fine degli anni 80, desideroso di evitare la vita urbana, scelse Gaeta come luogo ideale per vivere e lavorare durante i suoi soggiorni in Italia, per la sua vicinanza a Roma e per il clima decisamente mediterraneo Politica. Trov di grande aiuto e di ispirazione per la sua attivit artistica il panorama di Gaeta con il suo golfo, l mite, l dei raggi solari e la particolarit della sua luce. L e la riservatezza dei gaetani gli permise di lavorare con tranquillit per diversi decenni ed in particolare, durante tale soggiorno, us la polaroid per fotografare diversi luoghi e situazioni, cominciando successivamente a stampare l in un formato pi grande con la tecnica della punta secca Politica.

Nei suoi scatti fotografici Cy Twombly trasmette un piuttosto che una presentazione statica della realt Ne risultano cos macchie di colore per descrivere la percezione di un oggetto, echi poetici che evocano luoghi anzich rappresentarli, angoli di vedute quasi astratti, sequenze di azioni, oggetti che sembrano mutare col mutare del tempo e della luce Politica. L fotografica di Cy Twombly non reportage o esibizione di capacit fotografiche, ma l dell di un artista che filtra la realt come potrebbe fare in un pittorica Politica.

Cy Twombly nato a Lexington (Virginia, USA) il 25 aprile 1928 ed morto a Roma il 7 luglio 2011 Politica. Fin dagli inizi degli anni 50 della neo avanguardia americana del secolo scorso Cy Twombly stato riconosciuto come innovatore nella comunit artistica di New York, introducendo nella pittura il segno e rivoluzionandola attraverso di esso. Fu per questo definito dalla critica come un pittore di graffiti. Insieme a molti altri artisti di successo frequent il famoso Black Mountain College (North Carolina) con insegnanti quali Robert Motherwell e Ben Shan per la pittura, Hazel Larsen ed Aaron Siskind per la fotografia. Le sue prime opere fotografiche risalgono all del Black Mountain College, della natia Virginia, di New York, del Marocco e dell Dai tardi anni 50 inizi infatti, a soggiornare e lavorare a Roma durante buona parte dell Durante la sua carriera ha ricevuto diversi riconoscimenti, tra i quali il Leone d alla Biennale di Venezia, il Premium Imperiale in Giappone, la Legione d dal governo francese Politica Politica. Ha avuto retrospettive in numerosi musei in tutto il mondo.


Crescono le vendite online in Italia

Si attesta intorno al +17% per il 2013 la previsione di crescita delle vendite online in Italia per un fatturato stimato in circa 11,2 miliardi di euro Cronaca. Crescono i comparti dell (+27%), l (+24%), l (+18%), il turismo (+13%), le assicurazioni (+12%) e l (+4%). Sono queste le previsioni dell eCommerce B2c Netcomm School of Management del Politecnico di Milano. Secondo Roberto Liscia, presidente di Netcomm Consorzio del commercio elettronico Italiano, rappresenta una grande opportunit per le nostre aziende, soprattutto nella difficile congiuntura economica

Secondo i dati presentati nel corso dell edizione del Netcomm eCommerce Forum 2013

, l in aumento del 23%: vincono, in questo caso, l che segna un +31% e il turismo (+55%) per un valore totale di oltre 2 mld di euro Cronaca. Anche il Mobile commerce presenta un aumento considerevole: +160% per 427 milioni di euro. continua anche la crescita degli acquirenti online attivi che dal 2012 a oggi sono aumentati del 50% raggiungendo quota 13,6 mln a fine aprile 2013 Cronaca. Un picco di quasi 14 milioni di eShopper stato registrato, in particolare, nel periodo natalizio. i segnali e gli indicatori che definiscono l in numeri descrivono prosegue Liscia un settore in salute e crescita Cronaca. Nessun comparto economico in questa fase di crisi profonda stato in grado di correre con tale entusiasmo, anche e soprattutto grazie ad una crescita molto importante dei consumatori

Sul commercio online ci sono ancora grandi margini e potenzialit per i siti italiani Cronaca. A rilevarlo un condotta con ContactLab su un panel di 61mila consumatori italiani e di altri Paesi Europei: il 34% di chi naviga online sostiene la ricerca poi acquista Cronaca. In Gran Bretagna e Germania siamo nell del 90% Anche in Europa i segnali sono ugualmente di segno positivo, con un incremento annuale delle vendite nell del 22% per il 2012.

afferma Roberto Liscia, presidente di Netcomm di un fatturato complessivo di oltre 305 mld, che pone l come il primo mercato mondiale, davanti agli Usa, che sono a quota 280 mld, seguiti da Asia Pacifico con 216 mld Cronaca. Un trend positivo destinato a continuare La scommessa pi grande il coinvolgimento del Governo Cronaca. di rendere disponibili i pagamenti con carte e home banking, cos da accelerare i comportamenti digitali degli italiani. La moneta elettronica conclude rappresenta la vera frontiera che permetter alle piccole imprese di superare gli ultimi tab per l in questo nuovo e promettente mercato globale

Ultima Ora

Crew beat Sounders at home Real Salt Lake end winless streak

In an end to end match it was the Columbus Crew who took all three points at home over a resilient Seattle Sounders side, who will feel unlucky not to leave Ohio with a point.

Kei Kamara scored two goals and the Columbus Crew beat Seattle 3 2 on Saturday night for their first home victory against the Sounders Ultima Ora.

Kamara headed home Waylon Francis’ cross in the 10th minute to open the scoring for Columbus. Seattle’s Clint Dempsey tied the match at 1 1 in the 24th minute Ultima Ora. He was given space near the penalty arc and took advantage with a left footed goal through traffic.

Federico Higuain gave Columbus a 2 1 lead 4 minutes after halftime Ultima Ora. A cross fell to him at the edge of the 18 yard box and he took five dribbles in the area to find a clearing. In the 58th minute, Kamara’s casual redirection of a Hector Jimenez pass made it 3 1.

Dempsey had a controversial goal in the 75th minute Ultima Ora. He appeared to be in an offside position on Obafemi Martins’ shot. The rebound fell to Dempsey’s feet and the flag stayed down.

FC Dallas came back from a one goal deficit to defeat the LA Galaxy via two brilliant team moves Ultima Ora.

Tesho Akindele blasted in the go ahead goal in the 86th minute and FC Dallas rallied for a 2 1 victory over the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Galaxy (3 3 5) forward Gyasi Zardes opened the scoring in the 59th minute, redirecting Stefan Ishizaki’s corner kick with a header.

Blas Perez then pulled FC Dallas (6 2 2) even in the 77th minute, slipping past goalkeeper Jaime Penedo for an open net finish before Akindele’s winner.

FC Dallas remained first in the overall MLS standings, tied with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Dom Dwyer’s goal for Sporting Kansas City secured the draw against DC United at RFK Stadium Ultima Ora. United’s Jairo Arrieta and Sporting Kansas City’s Dom Dwyer traded goals late in the first half in a 1 1 tie.

Chris Pontius controlled Perry Kitchen’s diagonal cross and stabbed it over to Arrieta for a quick left footed strike in the 42nd minute that briefly put United (5 1 3) ahead.

Dwyer answered for Sporting KC (3 2 5) in the 45th minute with a smash from the middle of the 18 yard box, his third goal of the season.

First half goals from Alvaro Saborio and Luke Mulholland would prove to be enough as Real Salt Lake defeated the Chicago Fire 2 1 at Toyota Park.

Alvaro Saborio and Luke Mulholland scored and Real Salt Lake beat the Chicago Fire 2 1 for its first multi goal game since March Ultima Ora.

Real Salt Lake (3 2 5) snapped a five game winless streak and has not lost at Chicago (3 5 0) since 2009.

Saborio gave Real Salt Lake a 1 0 lead in the 13th minute. Jordan Allen crossed a ball to the top of the 18 yard box and Saborio calmly slotted it home Ultima Ora.

Cristiano Ronaldo nets four goals to help Real Madrid past Elche

Ronaldo credits teammates for 4 goal day

Only three days after netting his 24th hat trick for the club in their 8 2 victory over Deportivo La Coruna, Ronaldo went one better at the Bernabeu .

Real appear to have got their campaign back on track in a glut of goals and, although Edu Albacar gave Elche a surprise lead, Gareth Bale quickly equalised before Ronaldo stole the show.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti gave a debut in goal to Costa Rica star Keylor Navas in place of Iker Casillas but his first meaningful action was to pick the ball out of the net .

Ronaldo was unlucky to concede a penalty after catching Pedro Mosquera in the act of clearing the ball and Albacar found the top corner with 15 minutes gone.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 24th hat trick for Real Madrid on Tuesday .

Real were a little fortunate not to find themselves facing a second spot kick a couple of minutes later when Marcelo fouled Garry Rodrigues a fraction outside the box .

But the hosts could breathe easier again when Bale exploited poor goalkeeping from Manu Herrera to head in the equaliser from James Rodriguez’s cross in the 20th minute .

Eight minutes later Ronaldo netted from the spot after what appeared another soft decision referee Carlos Clos Gomez deciding Mosquera had felled Marcelo .

And in the 32nd minute it was 3 1, Ronaldo heading in Marcelo’s cross.

The second half was played at a much more sedate pace until 10 minutes from time when Mario Pasalic was ruled to have brought down Ronaldo .

Contact appeared minimal but Ronaldo had no hesitation in completing his hat trick and, after Toni Kroos had hit the bar, the Portuguese superstar ran onto Bale’s precise through ball to add a fifth in injury time .

Loris: madre in cimitero su furgone polizia penitenziaria

Curia reform process will not be complete until 2015

The Pope and the Council of Cardinals who are advising him on the government of the universal Church and the reform of the Roman Curia, also known as the C8, are holding a fourth series of meetings that started yesterday and will draw to a close tomorrow, to examine the structure of the Pontifical Councils. In previous meetings, the Council had focused on the Congregations and the Holy See’s financial and administrative structures (these meetings led to the creation of a new dicastery, the Secretariat for the Economy and a new Council for the Economy) Loris: madre in cimitero su furgone polizia penitenziaria. At this latest meeting, cardinals are also discussing the findings of the various external consultation firms which the Holy See hired to look into specific administrative aspects. An Apostolic Constitution on the Curia will be produced at the end of this process, which will not be completed before 2015. The new bodies Francis instituted the Council for the Economy and the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors will meet this week for the first time.

A statement issued by the Holy See Press Office this afternoon reads: “The Council of Cardinals met yesterday, Monday 28 April, for the first sessions of its fourth Meeting. The Holy Father participated most of the time, except when he had other commitments of particular importance, such as the audiences with the King and Queen of Spain on Monday morning and with the president of Paraguay on Tuesday morning, and the Wednesday morning general audience. Zahra, in relation to some of the areas of activity within its remit,” the statement goes on to say. Responding to journalists’ questions, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi, said that COSEA focused especially on the results of the consultations Loris: madre in cimitero su furgone polizia penitenziaria.

Over the past months the Holy See put Promontory Financial Group in charge of reviewing the current accounts of the IOR, the Holy See and COSEA in particular as well as carrying out a due diligence report on the economic and financial activities of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (15 October) Loris: madre in cimitero su furgone polizia penitenziaria Loris: madre in cimitero su furgone polizia penitenziaria. Meanwhile, Ernst was hired to carry out a “verification and consultation on the economic and administrative activities” of the Vatican City State; McKinsey were asked to advise on the development of “an integrated plan to render the organisation of means of communication within the Holy See more functional, effective and modern”; KPMG was hired to “bring the accounting procedures of all the entities of the Holy See into line with international standards” (19 December); finally, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte were tasked with carrying out a due diligence report on the Roman children’s hospital Bambin Gesù and the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Foundation (31 January) Loris: madre in cimitero su furgone polizia penitenziaria.

Speaking about the two Commissions for Reference created by Francis at the start of his pontificate COSEA and the Supervisory Commission of Cardinals on the IOR headed by Salesian cardinal Raffaele Farina in an interview with Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire, the Vatican Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin explained that “these commissions are temporary bodies of “reference” and their task is to provide the Pope and the Council of eight Cardinals with suggestions and proposals in their respective fields of expertise.” Today Fr. Lombardi confirmed that the two Commissions “are approaching the end of their mission” and their consultation work “is almost complete.” The consultation work is expected to take some time, according to the Vatican spokesman who did not give any specific timeframe because the “detailed documentation” presented yesterday afternoon at the C8 meeting must not be examined and implemented by competent bodies, starting with the C8 and the “Secretariat for the Economy”.

“Following its review in previous Meetings of the Congregations of the Roman Curia, the Council is now focusing on the Pontifical Councils, first in terms of general considerations, followed by an individual appraisal of each one. The Council is expected to complete a first report of its considerations regarding the Pontifical Councils during this Meeting. The Council of Cardinals will hold a further four day meeting in July (1 4 July). There is still much work to be done, and it is therefore to be expected that it will be completed not this year, but instead during the next,” the Vatican statement reads.

The new Apostolic Constitution which will be substituting the current “Pastor Bonus” which sets out the Vatican structure, will not be promulgated before 2015. This does not exclude the possibility of the Pope issuing “specific” decisions prior to that date, Fr. Lombardi said. The C8 previously met between 1 3 October 2013, 3 5 December 2013 and 17 19 February 2014 Loris: madre in cimitero su furgone polizia penitenziaria.

After the C8 meeting that is currently underway and the first meeting of the new Supervisory Commission of Cardinals on the IOR yesterday, two more bodies instituted by Francis will be meeting in the Vatican this week for the first time. The new Council for the Economy headed by the Archbishop of Munich and C8 member, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, will hold its first meeting on Friday 2 May. The Council, which is made up of eight cardinals and seven lay people, replaced the previous 15 member entity which John Paul II had created to oversee Holy See finances and the governorate of Vatican City State Loris: madre in cimitero su furgone polizia penitenziaria Loris: madre in cimitero su furgone polizia penitenziaria. It will work closely with the Secretariat for the Economy, the new super dicastery instituted by Pope Francis and headed by Australian cardinal George Pell, who is also a member of the C8.

During Friday’s meeting, the newly created Council is expected to approve its statutes. In the next few days and certainly by the end of the week, the newly created Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors will also meet for the first time. The Commission was instituted by Francis and his advisors to look into the prevention of paedophilia in the clergy and was announced in December by US cardinal and C8 member, Sean O’Malley. It is so far comprised of eight members: O’Malley himself, Mary Collins, an Irish woman who suffered abuse by a priest when she was a child, Catherine Bonnet (France), Sheila Hollins (Britain), Claudio Papale (Italy), Hanna Suchocka (Poland) and two Jesuit professors from the Pontifical Gregorian University: the German Hans Zollner and the Argentinean Humberto Miguel Yaez.

Vitalizi, Lega e M5s contro Boldrini

Crociere per l’inverno

Uno dei modi pi antichi per conoscere il mondo l di una imbarcazione Vitalizi, Lega e M5s contro Boldrini. Dalle rudimentali barchette della preistoria di innovazioni ce ne sono state infinite, arrivando ai giorni nostri, in cui le navi da crociera offrono tutti i comfort e i passatempi che si possono trovare in una piccola citt Che sia una crociera per mare o su un fiume, per il prossimo inverno c solo l della scelta Vitalizi, Lega e M5s contro Boldrini. Natale non poi cos lontano e presto la sua atmosfera gioiosa si far sentire ovunque, ma se ci si vuole calare completamente in questa dimensione fiabesca, la

crociera sul Danubio perfetta Vitalizi, Lega e M5s contro Boldrini. Alla scoperta dei caratteristici mercatini natalizi, a bordo della A Rosa Bella, con una crociera di cinque giorni e quattro notti, per un itinerario che parte dafreestyle: nessun orario per i pasti, nessun dress code per la sera, ma semplicemente voi e la vostra vacanza. Dieci giorni alla scoperta di Copenhagen, Warnem Tallinn, San Pietroburgo, Helsinki e Stoccolma.

Per chi desidera qualcosa di pi esotico, di molto particolare e che sia veramente una esperienza unica,

Viaggi dell propone la sua novit per questo inverno: la

crociera sul Gange Vitalizi, Lega e M5s contro Boldrini. Sette o 15 notti a bordo della Bengal Ganga, in perfetto stile coloniale, con due itinerari affascinanti: la crociera che va da nord a sud passa da Farakka, Jangipur, Murshidabad e Kalna. La crociera che va da sud a nord passa da Kalna, Matiari e Murshidabad. In entrambe le soluzioni previsto un soggiorno a Calcutta Vitalizi, Lega e M5s contro Boldrini.

Da oriente a occidente: se il sogno invece quello di una mare cristallino, di sabbie bianche e palme al sole, allora la crociera ai Caraibi Orientali di

Royal Caribbean, a bordo della

Oasis of the Seas (la nave pi grande al mondo) l Dopo una notte a

Miami, in hotel, si parte alla vota di Fort Lauderdale, in

Florida, seguiranno tappe esclusive come nella spiaggia privata di Labadee, propriet di Royal Caribbean International, il distretto storico di

Falmouth in Giamaica con le sue costruzioni in legno e lo splendore messicano di Cozumel per poi rientrare in Florida Vitalizi, Lega e M5s contro Boldrini Vitalizi, Lega e M5s contro Boldrini. Qualunque sia la scelta, la comodit di viaggiare la notte e scoprire il mondo di giorno vi regaler una vacanza indimenticabile Vitalizi, Lega e M5s contro Boldrini.